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fall leaf collection

fall leaf collection

October 14, 2019 | 7:00 am

Fall leaf collection is to start on Monday October 14, 2019. Antis Township conducts a Fall Leaf collection from late October The service lasts approximately four weeks. During this time, Township public works employees conducts a curbside collection of leaves (limbs and branches are not collected at this time). So that the leaf vacuum can reach the leaves, all leaves must be raked to the roadside edge of the property. Leaves may also be placed in brown paper bags on the roadside edge of the property. In order to be collected, leaves must be raked up by 7:00am on the designated collection day.

The approximate schedule is as follows:

  • Monday Bellemeade and Pinecroft
  • Wednesday Tipton
  • Friday Bellwood Area & Riggles Gap

In order to continue to offer this service to residents, we ask that you DO NOT call the Township office and request special pickups during this time. If your leaves are not collected on the designated day in your area, your leaves should be left along the roadside as described above and the Township will make the collection the following week on the designated day. Township residents are also reminded that open burning of leaves is strictly prohibited. Paper burning may only be done in an approved container and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 7:00am until 7:00pm. It is illegal to burn leaves or trash. Brush may only be burned in certain limited circumstances and only after obtaining a permit from the Township.