From new development to home improvements, you’ll probably need a permit. The permit process is designed to help us maintain compliance with codes set in place to preserve the health, safety, quality of life, and fitness of our properties and community. Please visit our Building Inspections and Codes Enforcement page for more details on building permits and applications for construction and other useful information.

The residential and commercial (or non-residential) permitting processes are different.

  • All non-residential improvements (beyond cosmetic upgrades) require a Uniform Construction Code (UCC) plan review and permit. These non-residential permit applications must be electronically submitted to the township’s third-party inspection agency, Middle Departments Inspection Agency (MDIA). Even cosmetic improvements will require a township building permit, as the county requires notification of any improvements which might affect the assessed value of a property.
  • New non-residential construction on an undeveloped or redeveloped parcel, or one which expands the footprint of an existing building will first require a Land Development Proposal and related plans for review by the Antis Township Planning Commission, as described in the township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.
  • Residential construction building permit applications are submitted directly to the township, either in person or by e-mail ( Any construction or the erection of prefabricated structures over 100 square feet require a permit, including new siding or roofing. A UCC permit is required for:
    • New homes (including mobile homes)
    • Additions (including most attached porches and decks)
    • Window and door replacement which requires new or altered openings
    • Accessory structures over 1,000 square feet