Antis Township residents value preservation and believe it improves their quality of life. With tax dollars and individual actions, they support preservation of land, water, energy, and even history.

Fall Leaf Collection

Antis Township conducts a Fall Leaf collection from late October through mid November (exact dates are announced each year as the collection time draws near).

The service lasts approximately four weeks. During this time, Township public works employees conducts a curbside collection of leaves (limbs and branches are not collected at this time).  We will pick up only leaves at the roadside along township and state roads.  We will not pick up leaves if there is brush, ornamental grasses, or other items mixed in with them.  This clogs our machine up and causes delays and frustration for everyone. Also, please do not bag your leaves or have them in containers.

So that the leaf vacuum can reach the leaves, all leaves must be raked to the roadside edge, within 6-8 feet of the blacktop. In order to be collected, leaves must be raked up by 7:00am and can not be obstructed (i.e. behind a fence, parked cars, etc.).  If you have had a leaf pile out for 10 days or longer and we have not picked it up please feel free to contact our office (814-742-7361).  However,  please be patient as we will get out to it! There is no longer a set schedule of when and where our crews will be at on any given day, but we will do our best to make it around the township once a week.

Township residents are also reminded that open burning of leaves is strictly prohibited. Paper burning may only be done in an approved container and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 7:00am until 7:00pm. It is illegal to burn leaves or trash. Brush may only be burned in certain limited circumstances and only after obtaining a permit from the Township.

Spring Limb Collection

Antis Township conducts a Spring Limb collection each spring. The intent of this collection is for limbs that have fallen over the winter months. Residents who choose to cut down a tree or bush on their property may take those trimmings to the Township compost site themselves. Township employees will not collect a pile of limbs that takes longer than just a few minutes to chip.

The scheduled collection dates are announced each year, but generally take place in early spring. Any resident wanting to take advantage of this service should follow these guidelines:

  • Leave the branches as long as possible (5 to 8 feet in length).
  • Nothing over 4 inches in diameter will be accepted. Anything larger will not go through our chipper.
  • Branches should be placed on the roadside in an orderly pile with the trunk ends facing toward the road.
  • Hedge and shrub clippings, tree stumps as well as branches with thorns WILL NOT be collected.