According to the EPA, about 80 percent of what Americans throw away is recyclable. By taking a few extra seconds to sort out recyclables, you can bring that percentage down to zero. Find out more from your private trash hauler about recycling, and take advantage of the Intermunicpal Relations Committee Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Collection program to keep your trash output low.

Need a Bin? Stop In.

If you still need a recycling bin, you can pick them up at the Antis Township Municipal Building, Intermunicipal Relations Committee buildings or their highway yards.

Citizens are reminded that the Township has a curbside recycling collection program. Solid waste haulers are required to collect Act 101 recyclables. Aluminum cans, bi-metal cans, glass bottles and jars (clear, brown, and green), plastic bottles and jugs, newspapers, magazines, catalogs and other printed paper are all collected at the curbside by haulers.

Township residents are encouraged to separate recyclables from solid waste and prepare them for collection. All trash haulers providing service within the Township are required to collect recyclables. If your hauler is not keeping recyclables separate from other solid waste you should contact the Intermunicipal Relations Committee (IRC) Council of Governments (942-7472) and notify them of the problem. Curbside bins and informational pamphlets regarding recycling are also available at the Township Office.

Curbside Recyclables

Curbside recyclable materials should be placed in your blue bin and set out for collection. Paper should be kept dry and we recommend a lid for your paper recycling bin.