Antis Township residents value preservation and believe it improves their quality of life. With tax dollars and individual actions, they support preservation of land, water, energy, and even history.

The Township operates a Yard Waste Composting Facility that is open year round to residents of Antis Township. To get to the site from the municipal building, you will travel northeast on North Second Street approximately 9/10ths of a mile. The facility is located at the end of a short road just past Oswald Road and before the Fostoria rail crossing.

The site accepts yard waste, including trimmings from bushes, trees, leaves, and grass clippings all at no charge! Those making a drop off at the yard should be aware that all contaminants, such as metals, plastics, rocks, lumber, and refuse, should be eliminated from the brush, as they could damage our equipment. This “waste” is converted into compost and mulch that is ready for your planting beds.

Compost is a great soil amendment for lawns, gardens, and flower beds. It helps to improve water holding capacity and provides nutrients. Compost can be applied as a top dressing to lawns or flower beds and/or can be mixed with top soil to improve your soil quality.

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