Leaf Collection

A new leaf collection truck will improve efficiency and enhance autumn leaf and grass clipping collection efforts in both the township and Bellwood Borough. The new truck was made possible by an Act 101, Section 902 Recycling Program Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The new collection truck means that paper bags will no longer be part of Leaves will be collected from the road or street side once each week until at least Thanksgiving. Residents should rake leaves (which can be mixed with modest amounts of fall grass clippings) to the edge of their property, being careful not to block drainage ditches or swales.

Important Reminders

  • No non-compostable trash, plastic, or woody waste should be in your leaf piles.
  • Woody trimmings are collected at the roadside/curbside in the spring, but the fall collection is for non-woody material only.
  • Burning of leaves is prohibited. When DEP funds composting and recycling equipment, they require grantees to prohibit the burning of those materials so they will be recovered rather than burned.
  • Leaves may not be set out with trash. Pickup of leaves is free and leaves may not be placed out for trash collection.
  • The compost facility is open to all Antis Township and Bellwood Borough residents and businesses for drop-off of both soft waste (leaves, grass, garden residue) and woody trimmings throughout the year.
  • Compost facility membership fobs can be purchased at the township office during regular business hours. Visit our compost facility webpage for more details. The initial fob cost is $20 per year and $10 for subsequent years.
  • Bellwood Borough and Antis Township will both be included in the roadside collection thanks to a cooperative agreement between the two municipalities.