Upgrades to equipment and facilities has continued at our drop-off recycling and composting facilities thanks to a $350,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Act 101 Recycling Program Grant has, or will soon, fund:

  • A horizontally-fed wood waste grinder (purchased in 2021)
  • Compartmentalized recycling containers
  • A skid loader for the recycling and composting operations (purchased in 2021)
  • Pavement improvements to the drop-off area
  • Home and business recycling bins
  • Educational signage

“We’re delighted to receive this funding and look forward to the new equipment and facility improvements,” said Environmental Director John Frederick at the time of the award. “The township board has committed to providing these services and residents have utilized them extensively.” A new key fob entry system has also been installed to make the compost facility more secure. The Fostoria composting facility will be open to fob holders from 8:00 until 6:00 April-September. It will close an hour earlier October through March. The recycling drop-off has been relocated to the township office building parking lot.