May Roadside Collection

The township’s annual woody trimmings collection will take place during the month of May. Tree and woody bush trimmings will be ground at the curbside throughout May, providing an alternative to burning tree trimmings. This collection is intended for trimmings and deadfall, not for entire trees. (Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere, as we have staff and equipment limitations.) That also means we have a three inch diameter limit at the curbside since our pull-behind chipper cannot do thick branches and trunks. The final collection week is the last full week of May, so please have material set out the Monday of that last full week.

The Antis Township Composting Facility

If you generate material after the May collection, it can be brought to the Antis Township Composting Facility in Fostoria. Beginning May 1, 2022, the facility will be accessible only to Compost Facility Members. Fobs are on sale (for Bellwood and Antis residents only) in the township office for $20. Once you buy a fob, subsequent years are $10 for renewal. For more on the site and our fob system, checkout our Compost Facility Fact Sheet. The fact sheet has more on this, but we’ll also mention here that we cannot accept:

  • No cut lumber, especially treated lumber (which contains toxic chemicals).
  • No oversized trunks or stumps. (See below for more.)
  • No non-wood waste (like toys, metal objects, or plastic bags)

Don’t Burn It

Since the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has generously funded hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of composting and recycling equipment for us, we are required to forbid the burning of those things we can compost and recycle. You may not burn yard waste or recyclable materials.

Got Big Stuff?

If you have stumps or wildly oversized tree trunks, Antis Township cannot handle those materials. The Intermunicipal Relations Committee (IRC) Buckhorn facility has equipment to handle that big stuff (for a higher fee).

Mulch and Compost

The fob also gives you access to free compost and mulch (if you wish to shovel yourself). Our public works crew will also load truckload quantities by appointment. Prepayment for loaded mulch and compost and a 24 hour lead time is ideal.