Randall Showalter, Township Road Foreman

The crew you’re most likely to see is the Public Works Department. They keep roads clear & drivable and are responsible for upkeep of township property and much more.


The Public Works Department currently has 4 full-time employees. Occasionally seasonal help is brought on during the winter months to assist with snow removal. The Department is responsible for a variety of tasks. Some of the more important work deals with the maintenance the Township’s 45.47 miles of roadway. This includes: snow removal and deicing, patching, roadside mowing, sign installation and replacement, street sweeping, cleaning stormwater pipes and ditches, and the list goes on.

Employees are also responsible for the routine maintenance of all Township vehicles. There are numerous vehicles and pieces of large equipment that need maintained, as well as miscellaneous small power equipment.

Areas of Maintenance


The Public Works Department is responsible for installing and maintaining storm drains and drainage ditches in public areas and along Township roads. Storm drains and ditches divert the water and debris after a storm or shower away from road surfaces, public access areas, or low basins where water collection could be unhealthy and dangerous. Water instead flows into drains and ditches where it can be safely channeled into streams, lakes, or the ground. The system consists of inlets or catch basins, open channels and ditches, underground pipelines, and detention ponds.

The department routinely cleans drains and ditches to remove any obstacles obstructing the flow of water and makes structural improvements to insure that the system is efficiently and reasonably handling water flow. Citizens are reminded to never dispose of leaves, grass clippings, or trash into the drainage system or in a location, such as a roadway, where debris could be swept into the system by storm water. Such actions may result in serious flooding after the next storm.

Leaf & Limb Collection

In the fall, leaves are collected at the curb and composted at the Township’s facility. The composted material is then available for residents to haul away for their use. In the Spring, tree limbs are collected at the curb. To learn more about leaf and limb collections in Antis Township, please visit the Leaf & Limb Collection services under the Preservation tab of this website.

Road Maintenance

The Public Works Department of makes every effort to respond immediately to all repair and maintenance concerns on Township roads, but they can always use your help. If you notice township roadways with dangerous cracks or holes, roadways with debris or accumulated snow, rights-of-way that are encroached by bushes, trees, or other obstructions, or damaged or missing traffic signs and street signs, contact the Road Foreman to report the problem.


The Township operates a Yard Waste Composting Facility that is open year round to residents of Antis Township and neighboring communities. Yard waste, including tree trimmings (less than 4” in diameter), leaves, grass clippings, and Christmas trees are all accepted at no charge All contaminants, such as metals, plastics, rocks, lumber, and refuse, should be eliminated from the brush. When available, the public may pick up mulch and compost from the site during regular operating hours. To learn more about composting in Antis Township, please visit the Compost Facility section under the Preservation tab of this website.

Township Right-of Ways

Under no circumstance will the Township permit anyone to place anything within the Township right-of-ways. To determine where a right-of-way line ends and your property begins please contact the Township Road Foreman.

Mailboxes and Mailbox Posts

Owners are encouraged to install mailboxes at the maximum usable distance from the edge of the pavement. Posts should also be checked for deterioration to reduce the possibility that the weight of the plowed snow may simply break or push the post over. The Township shall not repair or replace mailboxes or posts damaged by the force or placement of plowed snow.


If you would like to speak with the Township Road Foreman directly, please call the Municipal Office during regular business hours:

Monday through Friday
7:00am to 3:30pm

Randall Showalter, Township Road Foreman
Antis Township Municipal Building
909 North Second Street
Bellwood, PA 16617
Phone: (814) 742-7361